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ITS Advanced Engineering Co., Ltd. ( ITS )


A project manager will be assigned to every project to coordinate all aspects of the schedule from design to completion of a project. Upon thorough design, planning, construction, installation, management, quality control, testing and commissioning at all sites under supervision of high qualified engineers and technicians.

We have developed a working methodology that enables us to standardize supply, procurement, shipment, delivery, construction, installation, commissioning and training of personnel as required by the contractual agreement. Installation of equipment or construction is the responsibility of ITS team, thus mitigating the exposure to liabilities caused by subcontractors not completing the installations or construction per the specification or not following the time schedule. We provide overseas technical advisors when appropriate to remain on site and provide technical assistance for the sophisticated part of the installation.

ITS Advanced Engineering Co., Ltd. ( ITS )


ITS is a system engineering company who provides full automation control system using special equipment.

Our experiences and concentrations are on:

ITS Advanced Engineering Co., Ltd. ( ITS )


ITS turnkey solutions are with the assistance of modern computerized systems. Among the first of our services, that the customer may wish to utilize is that of international standard planning.

Our engineers use AutoCAD and SketchUp Professional Software tools to do with design and engineering, and S-Curve Chart in Microsoft Project management tool to plan, monitor, control, analyse and forecast project’s status, progress and performance.

Engineers who have experience in all facets of construction, electrical and mechanical disciplines will plan and co-operate an engineering effort for the projects. Materials and equipments are inspected both in-house, as well as through construction and installation.

ITS Advanced Engineering Co., Ltd. ( ITS )


ITS is a company providing the finest engineering services in its class. We have accumulated tremendous experience in consultation, design and support from simplest functional equipment through more complex operation systems.

The customer service team at ITS is always ready. We maintain a substantial inventory of replacement parts, making them readily available to all our customers, plus highly qualified technicians for assisting in the construction, installation and troubleshooting of equipment.

As a major technical advancement, we may access a system remotely via telephone line to perform troubleshooting from our facility, as a more expedient and cost effective method on a permission basis with our customers.

ITS Advanced Engineering Co., Ltd. ( ITS )


The clients training policy plays an important role since the operators, users and supervisors can learn the operation of the equipment and system in order for it to work effectively. We recognize client training to be as significant as the equipment, installation, preventive maintenance and service.

We provide hands-on training as well as extensive manuals for operation and maintenance. In the technical and engineering part, we provide troubleshooting guides, technical manuals, and as-built drawings. Our qualified instructors always educate all operators on the full extent of each system.

ITS has a policy to constantly educate engineers, technicians and all personnel by providing them both local and overseas training programs.